Hi Guys,
Here’s a question that will get you thinking! I have the following situation: I have two Academies that need to be connected using a VPN. Academy 1 has a TMG Server which NATS from the SWGFL IP Range to our internal range which is much bigger than the SWGFL Provided range. Academy 2, has a RRAS Server and has a small number of computers with a DNS and DHCP Server.
I need these two Academy to connect to each other. We have decided to use RRAS to join Academy 2 to Academy 1 using PPTP. I have configured the TMG Server at Academy 1 to allow PPTP Through to the RRAS Server ( and configured a On Demand interface. When I try to connect from Academy 2 I get the following error (see screen capture).


Does anyone have any idea as to what is going wrong or how I can setup the RRAS server on the Legacy (SWGFL) network and connect to our internal network.
Academy 1 setup
TMG Server (SWGFL Netowrk) NAT to (PPTP)
Internal Network
IP Range Start:
IP Range End:
Academy 2
RRAS Server: (Default Gateway)
DHCP Server:
Network Range: –
Hope this makes sense to you I can provide more details if required to assist with this issue.
Kind Regards