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Wired Networks Thread, Setting Up a WAN in Technical; Here is what our network looks like now: School A - A core switch ( - Procurve 5412zl) which does ...
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    Setting Up a WAN

    Here is what our network looks like now:

    School A - A core switch ( - Procurve 5412zl) which does all the routing
    Sonicwall - 1 where the internet comes from (into X1)
    Two subnets - 10.1.2.xxx (512 IPs) = wired LAN - VLAN1
    10.2.1.xxx (512 IPs) = wireless LAN - VLAN30
    Filter - (filters all traffic, pretty much only adult content)
    Other misc. servers, etc.

    School B - A core switch ( - Procurve 5304xl) which does all the routing
    Sonicwall - where the internet comes from (into X5 for some reason)
    Two subnets - 10.5.0.xxx (512 IPs) = wired LAN - VLAN50
    10.6.0.xxx (512 IPs) = wireless LAN - VLAN60
    Other misc. servers, etc.

    Now, we are going to have a Fiber WAN setup between these two schools. School A will be the Hub and School B will be the spoke. Our ISP says it should be setup like a PTP between the two.

    Some questions:

    I'm going to come out of School A right into the current School B core switch bypassing the current School B firewall completely, right? Because the Firewall at School A will takeover all of that.

    What do I need to add to the School B core switch so that any non-School B packets (like the internet) will be passed back to School A (which the WAN will come from)?

    The ISP engineer also said that I needed to make sure that what was coming from School B into the School A core switch port - I had to make sure THAT port included all the subnets (something about a "on a stick")?


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    Router on a stick.

    I assume hopefully that the fibre is just an end to end network link.

    What you need to do on Core B , is set it's default route to be CORE A.

    On core A you also need to put in static routes for each of the CORE B networks and have it's next hop as Core B.

    in ours we have a 192.168.1.x network for Core A and Core B.

    (A) being
    Linked by the fibre to
    (B) being

    So the default route on core (B) would go to

    and in your case,

    on the core A you would add static routes

    Pointing at all your Core(B) networks with the next hop as


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    Okay, where would I add the routes (on an HP procurve). Would it be a config command? Here is the shwo config from Site B:

    hostname "ProCurve Switch 5304XL"
    snmp-server location "WS Main Closet"
    time timezone 420
    module 3 type J4821A
    module 2 type J4820A
    module 4 type J4907A
    ip default-gateway
    sntp server
    ip routing
    timesync sntp
    sntp unicast
    snmp-server community "public" Unrestricted
    vlan 1
    name "DEFAULT_VLAN"
    ip address dhcp-bootp
    no untagged B1-B24,C1-C4,D1-D16
    vlan 50
    name "WS LAN"
    untagged B1-B24,D1-D14
    ip address
    tagged C1-C4,D15-D16
    vlan 60
    name "WS WLAN"
    untagged C1-C4
    ip address
    ip helper-address
    tagged D15-D16
    ip route
    primary-vlan 50

    So, I would change the ip route part?

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