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Wired Networks Thread, 5406ZL resiliency in Technical; Hopefully an easy one! We've a pair of 5406ZL's manning our core for both of our sites, linked via fibre. ...
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    5406ZL resiliency

    Hopefully an easy one!

    We've a pair of 5406ZL's manning our core for both of our sites, linked via fibre.
    All works well but just realised something a little obvious; should one go down, the gateways that unit holds for it's vlans go also. That's not a major issue when the vlan is specific to one site, but the main question and problem is for the vlans that span sites; in our case, servers and printers. It seemed possibly only to have a single gateway (vlan IP) at the time of commissioning however that causes the above problem. Everything still works without a vlan IP but because the gateway is then gone....

    Any useful tips on strengthening this simple setup so it's not absolutely reliant on one switch?

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    VRRP with MSTP should do what you need.

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