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Wired Networks Thread, Dual WAN Router (Same Subnet) in Technical; I am trying to locate a router that can handle two WAN connections from the same ISP (so both WANs ...
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    Dual WAN Router (Same Subnet)

    I am trying to locate a router that can handle two WAN connections from the same ISP (so both WANs would have the same gateway and be on the same subnet). The dual WANs are not for redundancy, but to split out VOIP and Data traffic. Currently, I am using a Sonicwall NSA 240 router (which cannot handle two WANs on the same subnet), so I had to place a low cost home router in between the second cable modem and WAN port 2 to convert to a private IP range. Unfortunately, there are no other ISPs available at this campus.

    Any recommendations of a business-grade hardware router that can support two WANS on the same subnet/gateway? I've looked at Juniper SRX series a bit, but have not found any documentation yet on whether the dual WANs would present a problem.

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    Draytek Vigour may do it.


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