I am looking for any advice people have on the best way to link an ADSL connection to our network.

We are changing our ISP and filtering, and getting a Smoothwall UTM which I plan to use as a firewall. For the short term we will still be on ADSL, but hopefully this year will be moving over to fibre with suitable router provided. My question is what to do about connecting to ADSL in the meantime. It would make sense to me to use the Smoothwall to make the PPPoE connection and have an ADSL router in front of it running in bridge mode.

The school's current router is a Cisco 837. From what I read, this can be put into bridge mode but many people have trouble getting it to work. I also do not have any real experience configuring Cisco kit.

Alternatively we could buy in a cheap ADSL router to use in bridge mode. Can anyone recommend a suitable device: most basic features, but still reliable?