Inherited a network. Core is Netgear 748's, 724's and 2x 748TS in a cabinet network is about 2/3 star. a half dozen satellite 748 and 724 elsewhere that are on either 1gb fibre (OM1) back to core or single 1gb copper back to core. No SAN. Each netgear (apart from the 748TS which were interlinked HDMI) were daisychained via a single copper cable each when I arrived (!). The servers werent even on the TS either(!!). First thing I did was aggregate the switches with as many LAGs as I could spare ports and rearrange the heavy load (i.e. ICT rooms etc). They were using TMG to route between "default" VLAN (no management VLAN just default for everything) and a couple of other VLANS used for a guest wifi access point and the finance machines. No L3 router. An access point on each VLAN was used as a dhcp server. After setting up DHCP on server 2008 to act as DHCP I am now going ot invest in an L3 switch and start working towards getting a SAN and virtualise (only 2 servers + one small firewall TMG server)/cluster for redundancy over the summer. Ive not had time to sort out the VLANs yet and get everyone off default

since everything is netgear already i'm quite happy to get another netgear L3 switch but what I have no experience on is linking netgear kit between their L2 and L3 offerings. Will the 748TS HDMI link to any other types of switches? Ideally if I can do that it will save me burning up precious ports on the L3 by LAGing them - I am looking to the future and whilst I might not be able to afford 10gb links to the SAN/server initially (LAG will have to do this year if the budget wont stretch) I might as well look at using 10Gb as soon as I can. Any recommendations on netgear kit? Is it more cost effective to get a "normal" 1gb L3 switch and an L2 core server storage 10Gb capable switch?