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Wired Networks Thread, Comms Cab in Technical; Lookig for reccomendations and advice really. Just come back from holiday to find ou we have had some more ports ...
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    Comms Cab

    Lookig for reccomendations and advice really.

    Just come back from holiday to find ou we have had some more ports installed, brilliant except the install team did a bit or repatching and took some other connecionsout of he patch panel so random 2 computers not logging in.
    Anyways we have room for 96 ports on our patch panel, however we have 3 procurve 1800 24G switches. So we have some ports in the wall but not live. but its now got to the stage were its a mess.

    So couple of quesions. The rack space is quite small, I take it you need to leave a gap beween switches? If so we may be runnin out of space.

    Idealy i would like to have all the ports patched in so would need to have anothe switch what would you reccomend in this situation try to get another 1800 24G or replace them all?

    As anyone ever unpatched all the pannel and redone it again ( how ime consuming is this) ?


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    We've been replacing some of our 1810-24G switches with the 48 port version (HP V1810-48G Switch | Ebuyer.com) as we've been running out of space in some of our cabs. The 48 port version has fans whereas the 24 port ones don't. We've not left any spaces between the switches as we haven't got any room to do so.

    The time it takes to re-patch all your ports depends on how complex your network is, are you using different VLANs etc. If you've only got 1 VLAN then you could probably sort it out in 30 mins? It depends how much time you want to spend and how neat you want to make it.

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