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Wired Networks Thread, ip addresses in Technical; Hopefully this is a simple one but is confusing me. We have had a new bb supplier as part of ...
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    ip addresses

    Hopefully this is a simple one but is confusing me.

    We have had a new bb supplier as part of the grid we are in. we do streaming radio.

    Now if i go to the server or any pc and go to whatsmyip.org i get an ip address eg for example and this is the same ip on all the machines i have tried. I took this to be our external ip address.

    however to listen to our radio station which i though should be out external ip plus a port number dsoes not work. however using a different ip address does.

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    When you go to whats my IP you are most likely either getting a proxy servers external address or the main IP on the firewall. This most likely has multiple alias IP's of which one is Network Address Translated to your internal address.

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    You'll need to get the grid support guys to reverse-proxy you a path through - they should be able to talk you thru the requirements you'll have to meet (usually SSL Certs between your server and their reverse proxy box issued with your server's identity... easiest to do using a sub domain on your current website's dns).

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