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Wired Networks Thread, BYOD VLAN - Some help with VLAN tagging please in Technical; Hello all, OK, so i'm setting up a BYOD VLAN to support staff, student and potentially visitor mobile devices. We ...
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    BYOD VLAN - Some help with VLAN tagging please

    Hello all,

    OK, so i'm setting up a BYOD VLAN to support staff, student and potentially visitor mobile devices.

    We run Smoothwall Filtering, Ruckus Wireless and an edge network consisting of HP ProCurve & Dell ProConnect switches) and a 'core switches/router' which are Dell Proconnect to link servers, edge switches together (this are connected via 2 or 4 x 10Gbits/s Trunks (not stacked using the Dell Stacking module, but SFP+ leads instead).

    Hopefully you can see the attached image, with the basic layout of the network (obviously with many more edge switches, but you get the idea). vlan.png

    Smoothwall is setup now for a transparent proxy on a separate interface and the Ruckus BYOD SSID is tagged to VLAN 20. The Core Router, has the VLAN setup along with IP Address for the subnets (routing is setup and fine between subnets on our default vlan)

    I'm just wondering now about correctly setting up to allow data to come off the Ruckus Access Points, and for the port on the switch that connects to our Smoothwall server to be setup for the interface on the VLAN (within Smoothwall I've created a VLAN interface, and setup with VLAN 20 and given it an IP Address within this range, specifically

    From what I can gather, I need to tag the uplink ports on all the HP/Dell Edge switches and tag the uplink ports/trunks between the core switches/router as well.

    On the Procurve switches, there's no such thing at the Trunk VLAN mode for ports, simple Forbid, Tag, Untag and Auto from the GUI Menu (unless I can configure this via the CLI somehow. I'm guessing I need to create VLAN 20 on each switch containing a Ruckus Access Point, and tag the ports that contain the Access Points and the uplink port? I think I've set this up correct as I can ping the gateway on the Router, and can ping the the other ip addresses the router has as well for other subnets. However, I can't ping the Smoothwall server - don't think it's the setup on this particular, rather the way I've got tagging worked on the port connecting the switch up. At any point do I need to untag?

    Hope this makes, if you can help then thanks in advanced.


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    I'm doing a similar exercise at the moment, and this video How to BYOD with Ruckus Wireless - YouTube has been invaluable (which was posted on here) in getting the Ruckus setup.

    However, I'm still early days in sorting out the VLAN and can't be much more help at the moment. I don't have a Smoothwall box; I'm putting on the BYOD devices on the 'admin' IP range that we get from SWGfL - we currently don't use it. I've got it IP address being assigned from the main VLAN but sort of hit a brick wall at the moment. The BYOD devices for me I'm putting on VLAN#666 and these are tagged on the trunks to each switch, the ports where the APs sit on are Untagged with the default VLAN and tagged with the #666 - as I said IP addresses are being assigned but not much else happening at the moment.

    I'll be watching this thread with interest.


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