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Wired Networks Thread, Accessing HP 2620-24 Switch Console in Technical; Ok im probably being really dumb here, please tell me if i am i can accept it. Just brought a ...
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    Accessing HP 2620-24 Switch Console

    Ok im probably being really dumb here, please tell me if i am i can accept it.

    Just brought a HP 2620-24 switch for school and i need to access the switch console. Plugged in the RJ-45 to serial cable downloaded and ran putty but all i get is a blank screen. I changed Putty settings to Serial but its still not working.

    Am i missing something obvious?


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    Bash enter a couple of times, the hp switches autodetect the datarate so you need to give them something to work with.

    Alternatively they are set by default to grab an IP off dhcp so just boot it while connected to the network and look through your DHCP leases for it.

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