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Windows Thread, XP Start Menu Problem in Technical; OK caught a Yr10 doing this yesterday and cannot figure out how to get round it.. Using the XP Style ...
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    XP Start Menu Problem

    OK caught a Yr10 doing this yesterday and cannot figure out how to get round it..

    Using the XP Style Start Menu - which has been restricted via GPO to only show:
    Redirected "All Programs"
    My Computer with their Home Drive, Pen Drive and Shared Area

    Part of the GPO is to disable right click on the taskbar & start menu - which works fine.... or at least i thought it did..

    It seems that users can STILL right click on the "All Programs" menu which gives them a nice sub-menu with "Open, Explore, etc"
    THe user can then use the "Explore" option and can then drill down to "My Network Places (MNP)" and gets a list of Domains & all Pc's within - of which they can then get into all the shares!!

    Now - MNP is disabled via GPO - and if they click "Open" they cannot get to MNP

    I have been through every setting I can find in GPMC and googled it but there is no solution..

    Only "workaround" is to change back to the Classic Start Menu which i dont really wanna do
    or change everything from \\server\share to \\server\share$ - time consuming with having to amend GPOs, logon scripts, etc.

    Has anyone else come across this or resolved it?

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    Re: XP Start Menu Problem

    Yep - Classic Start Menu/Theme here. :P

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