Hello all. Yet another Mandatory Profile question. I've been reading through a ton of the threads on here which have great info, but I am still struggling with getting Mandatory profiles done right.

Client computers are mostly Windows XP with a few Windows 7 / Servers are Windows 2008 R2

Just when I think we are on the right track with an image we use in the Elementary side of things (the Man profile was a few Mb) we come across some of our High School Images with a bunch of Adobe products. Things like Dream Weaver CS4, Contribute CS4, Photoshop CS4, and so on. Now the profile we want to use to create the mandatory profile with has grown to over 30 Mb (if not more) just from answering the first time user registration type questions and turning off the welcome screen and such for these programs.

I tried taking out all that stuff from Application Data folder (which is where all the Mb of data built up) but then the settings didn't stick for those programs. I read on blog that was linked to from a few threads here at this site ( Some Mandatory Profile Best Practices *** Updated April 16th 2010. « AppSense ) where he talks about just having ntuser.man on the server and nothing else. It seemed to work for our elementary image (just with a quick test), but not for the image using all these Adobe products.

So now I thought I would ask if anyone had any pointers to make the Man profile smaller after making all the settings we want to set.

We plan to lock the desktops and image down for the student machines with group policies (so we can enable not being able to make changes and such) but from my understanding of what I have read about Mandatory Profiles, they would still be a great help in our schools. The way I see it we have a few ways to do what we want as our end goal for student desk tops.

1/. Figure out how to make the Man profile smaller plus use Group Policies to tighten down security for student computers.

2/. If we can't get the Man profile small enough to be brought down over the network fast enough, copy the profile to the local drive (during the image creation), make sure it is read only on the drive, and point users to that (not sure if I like that idea for ease of updates and such, but saw that suggested here in a few threads). Plus use the Group Policies.

3/. Use just group policies to lock the desktop and the image down, and push out the registry settings for all the software settings required so the students wouldn't get prompted to register or other things when they log in for the first time on a computer.

I can't recall if there are actually settings on the install of all these products that will suppress the prompts users get on first run (I don't normally do software installs anymore), but, I sure would like to sort out the Mandatory Profile thing and decide if that is the way we should go.

Any suggestions would be great. Thank you, James.