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Windows Thread, Making a new machine! I have £210 (£240 stressed) budget! Help please in Technical; I'm not tech savvy at all when it comes to computers, I was looking at e buyer, Zoostorm Desktop PC ...
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    Making a new machine! I have £210 (£240 stressed) budget! Help please

    I'm not tech savvy at all when it comes to computers, I was looking at e buyer, Zoostorm Desktop PC - Desktops | Ebuyer.com found that and thought it was great, but would be my last resolve if there isn't an opportunity to making a machine just as good or better for cheaper. I need a computer that can run 3 clients of this game called "Wakfu".

    What i need is someone that can come up with a build, and link each of the components needed to make a functional machine, where they have found the best prices, and a case for it aswell if possible, cause I have no idea whats needed and what would be compatible ect

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    Out of curiosity, Why spend getting on for £400-450 (2nd pc you bought for this?) to play a game with multiple accounts?

    If you have no idea what's needed etc, it's probably better to go for a prebuilt machine rather than trying to put one together yourself. No use spending £10 less on parts (Random figure), just to put it together yourself if you're not really happy doing so etc.


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    Dabs sell Component bundles that give you everything you need.

    You could take a look at that to give you some ideas

    Motherboard Bundles - Build Your Own PC With Ease! - dabs.com

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    Novatech do bundles as well and even have pre built cased systems as well - Barebone Systems : Computer Supplies and PC Components from Novatech

    £199.99 will buy you a quad core AMD PC with mobo and RAM, another few £s will buy you a low cost hard drive (unless you have one spare).

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    how about a 6 core CPU in a pre built machine for £199inc

    Xenon AMD Bulldozer FX-6 6100 3.30GHz Bundle - Six Core []

    Use an old harddrive and PC case and you'll have a mini monster.

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