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Windows Thread, Excel - Spreadsheet Manipulation in Technical; I have a simple spread sheet which has been extracted from our reporting system and we now want to import ...
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    Excel - Spreadsheet Manipulation

    I have a simple spread sheet which has been extracted from our reporting system and we now want to import it into our MIS.

    We need the data as follows


    Student_id F_Name S_Name SubjectGrade1 SubjectGrade1 SubjectGrade2 etc etc (Inline)

    but it has come (Each grade on seperate line)

    Student_id F_Name S_Name SubjectGrade1
    Student_id F_Name S_Name SubjectGrade2
    Student_id F_Name S_Name SubjectGrade3
    Student_id F_Name S_Name SubjectGrade4

    Can anyone suggest away in excel to easily change this data into the correct format?

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    Re: Excel - Spreadsheet Manipulation

    I found this in excel help hope it is what you want to do

    Move data between rows and columns
    Copy the data in one or more columns or rows.
    Before you paste the copied data, right-click your first destination cell (the first cell of the row or column into which you want to paste your data), and then click Paste Special.
    In the Paste Special dialog box, select Transpose, and then click OK.
    You'll find theTranspose check box in the lower-right corner of the dialog box:

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