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Windows Thread, Rohos thumb drive encryption on WinXP in Technical; I know some people have used Rohos on here, so here goes with my little query: I'm looking at using ...
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    Rohos thumb drive encryption on WinXP

    I know some people have used Rohos on here, so here goes with my little query:

    I'm looking at using Rohos Mini Drive to provide encrypted thumb drives to staff. The software looks good in theory, you set the thumb drive up and it creates an encrypted section and copies two utilities across to allow access. The first utility allows you to mount the encrypted section as a drive and access it through Windows Explorer, but requires admin rights. This works fine. The second utility the Portable Disk Browser is intended for use where the user doesn't have admin rights and doesn't work properly... 99% of the time when attempting to open files stored in the encrypted portion using the Disk Browser, regardless of type of file, you get a 'path not found' error message.

    Anyone encountered this and know how to fix? I've scoured the Rohos website and have found nothing helpful...


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    Similarly I'm wondering what to do about encrypted USB drives as our normal users cannot run the software most of them want to run in order to unlock.

    Any pointers?

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