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Windows Thread, Viewing network folders in Technical; Ok I have come accross a strange request. Befor we start i know how to make a folder invisable ie ...
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    Viewing network folders

    Ok I have come accross a strange request. Befor we start i know how to make a folder invisable ie c$ but this is not the problem what I have ben asked is is there a way that if someone does nothave permision to access the folder they do not see it network places. I dont think this can be done i know i can make them all invisable and just run a net use and connect them all as drives but i dont want to do this. has anyone any idears.

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    Re: Viewing network folders

    Yes it can. If you employ access based enumeration it will allow you to set folders within a share to be seen only by those that have access to see them.

    You will need to download the below to your w2k3 server if that is what you use.

    Microsoft Download

    Technet details


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    Re: Viewing network folders

    Not sure that ABE will help - it hides folders that you're not allowed to see but C$ will not be visible to anyone but admins and I don't think you can change the permissions so that admins can't see it.

    ABE is really useful for us - staff have a drive T: with lots of folders for different teams; most of them they don't have rights to so ABE means they can only see folders they're entitled to go into which keeps it tidy!

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