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Windows Thread, Summer Project in Technical; - Upgrade final 2003R2 server to 2008R2 - Pull more cat5e through to other end of school - Deployment of ...
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    - Upgrade final 2003R2 server to 2008R2
    - Pull more cat5e through to other end of school
    - Deployment of iPads
    - Deployment of first couple of Macs
    - Deployment of Mac Mini server
    - Clean up GPOs, staff shares etc
    - General software updates school wide
    - Get final couple of staff onto domain
    - Replace some borked VGA cables to projectors in ceiling
    - Get final few staff onto Win7

    Then off to sunny Portugal!
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    Move to native Windows 2008 r2 domain
    Change email domain name
    Project manage school moving to a brand new website
    Install brand new 10kva UPS on the mains circult
    Roll out school wide wireless
    Implement Lightspeed Content Filtering System
    Retrofit 70 teachers stations with SSD and Win7
    Reimage 100 Class PCs with Win7
    Help move and relocate PCs (we wont know till the summer break!)
    Implement Hyper-v setup(Print server,legacy servers etc)
    Redo GPOs

    5 years of not spending a penny, then all at once lol!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hardtailstar View Post
    6 weeks of rebuilding the school website from scratch,

    nothing else.
    Well i thought it was just this......

    Now ive got to do these in three days...

    Move all IT equipment out of classrooms so they can be redecorated and cleaned then move back after
    Clean out server (dust) and remove all unwanted software/files installed
    Reimage 30 laptops to be split into three classes
    image 30 new laptops for staff
    reimage old staff laptops to be distributed around school
    all old IT junk to be collected up and stored to be collected

    The days are not in a row either!

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