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Windows Thread, Summer Project in Technical; Only paid for term-time, so nowt but sunbathing. Can't even sign on!...
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    Only paid for term-time, so nowt but sunbathing.
    Can't even sign on!

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    Full rebuild of network from CC3 to Vanilla. New 2008R2 servers, Exchange 2010, SQL, Win7 on clients, office 2010 + all software installed as it will ALL be wanted for the first day back, possibly some new clients. Just a small project this year......

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    mburland (28th June 2012)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sce_Sloper View Post
    Only paid for term-time, so nowt but sunbathing.
    Can't even sign on!
    ^ This.

    Minus the sunbathing.

    I'm a basement-dweller, through and through.

    The current plan is:

    Assassin's Creed
    More Zelda
    Make some more of my game
    A bit more Zelda

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    PAT testing

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    wow three people posting about rm cc to vanilla. must admit it was quite a process 2 years ago but we got it quickly working and are really enjoying its features. we also use DPM for backup too and looking in to TMG 2010 this year.

    apart from that all we seem to be able to do is pc / laptop / projector and switch replacement. nothing new and exciting really.

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    Removal of CC3/Win server 2003/Win XP for CC4/Win Server 2008R2/Win 7. Complete re image of all laptops and workstations and a clear out of old kit. Must find two weeks hols inbetween as well lol.

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    Not a lot this year. From now until September...
    * Migrate domain over to new DCs, decommision old ones (working on this now)
    * Bring new backups up to speed
    * Deploy SCCM server to manage FEP, test FEP
    * Test Win7, develop policies etc.
    * Redo print server on virtual gubbins, switch to scripts for deployment to better handle defaults (GPP and PCounter won't play, I don't think)
    * Empty one computer room ready for it to be split into two computer rooms. Empty another computer room to be turned into a teaching room.
    * Remove some 70 old machines.
    * Shuffle 100 others about.
    * Put 100 new ones in.
    * Standard end of year stuff (accounts, year change in Facility, VLE...)
    * Teach staff how Windows 7 works, even though it's not that different, it just looks different, it is better, honest, yes we did have to change, no you can't have the old one just on your machine...
    * Sleep. Or not, as my new born will have landed around 24th August.

    Simple... right? :S

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    Plans for the summer include;

    Running the usual updates to all servers, iPads, software updates (SIMS, FMS, etc) and rollout of any new software / Apps

    Readying our plan to give every pupil a set of earphones (labelled, bagged etc)

    Get everything ready for the 8 Tuffcams we'll have for each year group (SD card install, software/drivers installed, tested on each laptop)

    Install a couple of IWB's and speaker systems, clean all projector, boards, printers and anything else lying around

    Set up new 6 PC's for Reception and Finance offices

    Rollover of pupil files to new yeargroup folders & creation of fresh profiles for new classes

    Create a new image and then re-image of all curriculum laptops, EAL, SEN, Family Worker and Temp laptops

    Set up of laptops for 9 new staff starting in September

    Re-install our HP D2D2T system that's not working properly

    Update hardware & software audit, collect all serials and licence codes

    Install and confiure 6 additional IP CCTV cameras

    Prepare some stuff for Apprentice interviews happening in September including a few hardware-fixing tests

    Overhaul the 6 PC's in the Foundation Stage

    Check WSUS as it doesn't seem to be too happy at the moment!

    Look at GPO's as I'm sure some stuff isn't quite right

    If time I might transfer some of the few small roles left running on the older server to the new ones

    I also plan to spend lots of time at the cinema, playing pool, gaming, getting out on my motorbike in the nice weather, and (hopefully) moving into a new house & getting started on the DIY that'll inevitably need doing there. The missus will be off to Gibralta to see her Dad for a long weekend, or maybe a week, so I'll get some time to myself there at least!

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    Lets see this summer, oh yes madness is insuing, for the third year!

    We are expanding to a second campus across the road so basically that! Oh and over half our building is being refurbished so its move move move, store store store, pack, pack, pack, fix, fix, fix and then lots of re-setup!

    It is going to be a very busy summer, along with expanding we have to get kit from another school that is closing to ours, move an IT Room and cable that up, re-do about 100 PCs on the new site (new site is a school that is closing), re-setup our 300 machines, including all the new apps for smaller people to use and GCSE Programming shizzle (at least this is now nearly all MS based so nice and easy!), finish fitting my Ruckus Wifi and Juniper LAN (mainly the new site).

    Rip out the phone system on the extra site and link ours to it to save costs, oh and have 2 weeks holiday (not a chance!)

    Ensure we are ready to re-open on something like 2nd September.....

    Oh and before that ensure we have Progresso all up and working

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    Moving nearly all of our PC's to VDI. From September we will have VMWare View desktops everywhere except Music and some of the machines in media studies all running Windows 7 and Office 2010. This means we can also offer a neat little BYOD solution for our sixth form and boarders.

    In addition to this we have:

    Phone system software upgrade
    Access control system software change
    Library software change
    MIS rollover
    Cabling works
    PAT testing
    CCTV cameras/system upgrade
    New VLE setup and in house training materials creation
    AV projector loom replacements to replace some older glitchy ones
    VMWare upgrade from 4 to 5 for our server virtualisation
    Server OS maintenance

    + lots of the usual silly jobs

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    For us there's quite a chunk to get done:

    12 new iPads to set up
    85 new staff laptops
    12 new student laptops
    Recondition some old laptops for use by students (about a dozen)
    40 new desktop PCs
    Remove 9 old switches and get rid of an old network in the primary school, moving their PCs to the whole site network instead
    Virtualise 7 servers onto 2 physical, by moving all data onto a NAS, formatting the DAS array and rebuilding for reliability and speed, then put it all back, with virtual servers hosted on it too. All interconnected by a new 8Gbit FC switch.
    Upgrade 20 iMacs to latest OS X, also install Windows image to them as well for bootcamp.
    Set up Apple server, integrate all Apple computers with Windows network
    Install 4 new iMacs
    Install RAM upgrades in 335 PCs and laptops
    Upgrade AD to Windows 2008 R2
    Migrate all PCs and laptops to Windows 7 and Office 2010
    Move some access points from over-dense areas to cover black spots
    Set up 30 Google Chromebooks (not confirmed yet, but assumed).
    Set up a new digital display box
    Set up 2 55" touchscreen LCDs, one mobile, one in a classroom.
    Roll out Forefront AV to replace NOD32.

    2 of us on the job. Its gonna be tight.

    Quote Originally Posted by gjdb View Post
    Taking a long vacation, this should be on everyone list as number 1.
    Hahaha! Yeah. I'm gonna get a week. That's it.
    Last edited by localzuk; 17th June 2012 at 05:11 PM.

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    Backpacking from Denmark to Moscow, music festivals, xbmc developers conference

    Oh work? Well might set-up some more redundancy for our servers and get the new ipads setup, and create the parent accounts for TASC insight but that's about it.

    Nice to see people moving away from CC3 to the freedom of vanilla networks. I doubt you will regret it.

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    6 weeks of rebuilding the school website from scratch,

    nothing else.

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    Busy summer here for me!!

    - New domain with all new servers & SAN, new usernames for everyone!
    - New Exchange 2010 available externally, ditching lea email and hosting our new domain name!
    - 18 Apple iMacs in Music
    - Currently 11 Casio LED projectors being installed, could be going up to 13/14
    - Swapping Library and large open access 64 seat ICT suite over and dividing old library into 2 ict rooms
    - 60 new pc's
    - upgrades to 30 pc's
    - move 50 pc's around the school
    - upgrade xenapp, xen desktop, xen server to latest versions and set up citrix gateway for reciever for ipad access
    - move from SIMS to progresso
    - update website

    oh 2 weeks holiday at the start of august as well!!

    The servers were supposed to happen at easter so i booked holiday in summer but plans changed!! (long story!!)

    Oh and its just me and the work experience lad (being paid) plus the contractors for the specialized bits!

    Plus whatever else they decide to throw at me as well!!

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    Well - strangely enough, I've just had an e-mail from a company called BIST which is asking to quote for prices of various IT equipment based on a copy & pasted list of what I put on my previous post on this thread!

    Admins !!!



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