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    Root Causes for Slow Windows Boots and Logons (Very Useful Microsoft TechNet Article)

    I was going to post this in the Links DaveP forum, but thought it would be better off here since the topic of slow boot times and logons comes up quite often.

    The article linked below is written by several Microsoft employees and is one of the most comprehensive I have seen so far on the subject, since it covers pretty much everything to do with slow boots/logons and how to fix them.

    Source: Root Causes for Slow Boots and Logons

    This article describes Microsoft Support experiences in troubleshooting boot and logon delays, specifically the root causes. Other related topics include

    The goal of this content is to create awareness among IT administrators, support professionals, and consultants, about the tools, causes, and resolutions for boot and user logon delays. The primary focus is on domain-joined clients and servers. The article does not pertain to slow boots and logons on consumer desktops in a workgroup, but some of the tools and methods would still apply, such as enabling verbose logging and noting the message and duration where the boot or logon hung.

    There is no shortage of root causes for boot and logon delays. Some delays are caused by code-defects in the OS or applications on the computer experiencing slow boot or logon. Other root causes lie with the underlying network, remote servers, or Administrator misconfiguration. Don’t worry about tracking the QFEs for Windows. We’ll be publishing a list of recommended fixes the near future.

    The following sections explain some of the problems that have been seen to date, and how to resolve them.

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