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Windows Thread, Folder/Files Copying to Other Users in Domain in Technical; We have a bizarre issue here: All pupils were asked to create a powerpoint titled 'All About Me'. One pupil ...
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    Folder/Files Copying to Other Users in Domain

    We have a bizarre issue here:

    All pupils were asked to create a powerpoint titled 'All About Me'.
    One pupil did and it has managed to copy in to most other users My Documents (pupils and staff). It seems that the folder containing the powerpoint copied over as well as a spreadsheet in the folder.

    Some pupils were lucky in that they either named their powerpoint something other than 'all about me' or had named their folder something slightly different so that their work wasn't overwritten.

    Apparently this happened with another pupil using the same PC. Her spreadsheet copied to other users but on a smaller scale.

    We're on Server 2003 with XP clients. The pupils in question have their home drive mapped properly and group membership is the same as all other pupils. The file/folder permissions are no different than any other pupil.

    I've checked for viruses, swapped the network cable to the secondary card in the machine (since some of the onboard NICs seem to stop working or act glitchy), checked for any odd software and that she doesn't have Remote Tutor as opposed to Client.

    The PC was rebuilt at the beginning of April. We have swapped from Ranger to vanilla and are using Group Policies.

    Has anyone seen anything like this before?

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    If permissions are setup correctly, this shouldn't be possible.

    How are the home folders shared? I mean what format?

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    Sounds like they have a shortcut to the document in a shared area instead of the actual document. I had this with a teacher who created a shortcut to "My Documents" in student areas then when she was browsing student areas with her login ended up at her private area. She got scaed that a student had taken a copy of her area and deleted it but of course she deleted her own private area instead.

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