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Windows Thread, flashplayer 11.1.102 to 11.2. in Technical; What the quickest way to upgrade? Can I just overwrite the 11.1.102 with the newerversion and tell the GPO to ...
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    flashplayer 11.1.102 to 11.2.

    What the quickest way to upgrade?

    Can I just overwrite the 11.1.102 with the newerversion and tell the GPO to redeploy? Do I have to make a new package and upgrade the old one?

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    You can just install on top and it'll be fine. I suggest you test with a handful of machines, then deploy site wide just to be sure.

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    I normally put the MSI in the same shared folder and then add the package to the same software policy. It works out it's an upgrade and will then deploy. I've done this a few times now with no problems.

    If in any doubt, I'd suggest you test (as Michael said) by copying the software policy then add the new package to the copied policy and test by applying the policy to a test machine in an test OU.
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    Don't use the MSI, don't know how Adobe managed to break such a simple bit of technology but they did.

    I thought it'd be a nice painless update between versions but we had calls saying Flash wasn't working... it had uninstalled but failed on the upgrade with installax.exe errors.

    Running the install using the exe with silent switches worked without issue.

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