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Windows Thread, Movie Maker export issues - ASAP in Technical; Just made an account on the Serif movie site. Decided to go into the old license file, looks like we ...
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    Just made an account on the Serif movie site. Decided to go into the old license file, looks like we have a license for Adobe Premier elements V4. I've only seen older version on any computers or images since I started here and use v3 on an old PC in our office for media as its the only computer around with firewire ports so I'll have a dig around for the illusive disc!

    Having double checked the image I made last year, the two IT suites used for this groups lessons have adobe premier elements v3
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sylv3r View Post
    We used to have loads of problems with Movie Maker back in the day. We now use Adobe Premiere Elements and Magix Movie maker.... and have equally as many problems if not more. None of them seem to play nicely on networks.
    I tried tempting users away from the abominable Movie Maker with Premiere Elements 8, but the Media Studies Dept tell me this doesn't like networks at all. Sounds like people have had most luck with Serif from the past comments on this forum.
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    Another +1 here from MoviePlus.

    We use the Serif suite of DrawPlus, PagePlus, WebPlus, PhotoPlus and MoviePlus. Previously students were using Movie Maker or Logotron Revelation Sight and Sound (which was a grade-A pile of Bantha poodoo).

    No serious issues since the switch, which was about a year ago.

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