I run a Win 2K Server with XP Pro Workstations. Since installing IE7 the workstations are now taking too long to load user profiles.

I think I need to log on locally and re set up the admin desktop / defaults as I want them including running IE7 up and setting the MS variables then rebooting and through system properties copying the new profile across the default user profile so that new users pick it up on first boot up.

The problem I encounter when I do this is in setting default folders on the server – one for staff and another for students - both currently come up as a H:\ on machines that are already running.

Logging to the workstations locally I seem to have two options to alter – the local admin default and another one listed as student and copy presumably the student one to the default and then with a new member of staff alter their default on machines they log onto? Must be a better way around this. How do I work around this problem please?