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Windows Thread, Remote Desktop profiles location in Technical; Dont know if I have expalined properly in the title but when I used remote desktop to view one of ...
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    Remote Desktop profiles location

    Dont know if I have expalined properly in the title but when I used remote desktop to view one of my servers I get offered two options to select to view, each giving a time stamp and resolution. I want to remove one of them as it shows a corrupted desktop view, the other is fine, Where is this profile located so I can remove it so its does not show up at connection time?

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    Look in tsadmin(.msc) for the offending session and log it off.

    (depending upon server OS version)

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    If I've understood correctly, there should be a file called Default.rdp in the root of your Documents.

    You'll need to enable hidden files/folders as follows: Control Panel > Folder Options > View (tab) > Show hidden files, folders and drives, then click Apply.

    Return to your Documents and you should see the Default.rdp file. This applies for local Documents or mapped/redirect Documents too.

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