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Windows Thread, Two Problems With Veritas Backup 9.1 in Technical; Veritas is backing up OK, but we see two problems here that I can't seem to clear. 1. There is ...
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    Two Problems With Veritas Backup 9.1

    Veritas is backing up OK, but we see two problems here that I can't seem to clear.

    1. There is an old manual backup job in the queue I can't delete. When originally created the job failed and when I try to run it again it so that it will complete and drop out of the queue it does not run at all. When I try to test run it the job fails with the error:

    TestRun 0018 -- The job failed with the following error: Ran out of memory.

    This error is displayed immediately after the test job is submitted, i.e. it does not try to load the tape or perform a pre-scan etc.

    2. When I perform a restore I have found that the next scheduled backup will hang a few minutes into the backup job. The only way I can get a successful scheduled backup after a manual restore is to perform two small manual backups, the first will always fail. I perform the second one to be sure that the overnight job will complete.

    I have tried stopping the backup services and the SQL services in various combinations, to delete the job when it is not busy but this either has no effect, or tells me that I can't get into the backup software because the services it needs are not running [makes sense]

    I suppose these problems could be symptoms of one overall problem but I can't think of a way to tackle them. I would try re-installing the software, but our network provider did not leave the original disks when commissioning the network. I have asked them for assistance several times and I am still waiting for their response. Therefore, while I wait I thought I would ask if anyone else has seen either or both of these problems and if they have what they have done about them.

    Server OS: Windows 2003 SP1
    Backup Software: Veritas Version 9.1 Revision 4691

    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: Two Problems With Veritas Backup 9.1

    Have you tried using BEMCMD to try and delete it?

    Dunno if this is the full installation file or just the upgrade but have a look.


    If it is the setup files maybe you can wipe it off completely and reinstall.

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