Has anybody been experiencing intermittent problems with the volume control on the taskbar for student accounts that use Windows XP stations on RM CC4 Networks? We are experiencing problems across several ranges of computers including HP and Dell stations. These are the symptoms etc:

-Volume control is muted
-Sometimes you can un-mute the volume but when you move the volume slider it mutes the sound again
-It works fine as an administrator account
-If you log the student out and reset their profile, sometimes this fixes the problem and sometimes the volume will mute again when you move the slider as above.
-The latest and correct sound drivers are installed on the stations
-The problem does not relate to particular stations

The worst thing about this issue is that the problem is unpredictable and we can find ourselves in a situation where half of a class is affected and the other half is fine. I have reset all student after school had closed but this has not fixed the problem.

Any thoughts?


Humphry Davy School
Penzance Cornwall