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Windows Thread, Remote install - no domain in Technical; Hi All, With the latest batches of SIMS updates immiment, we are looking for a way to deploy to 50+ ...
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    Remote install - no domain

    Hi All,
    With the latest batches of SIMS updates immiment, we are looking for a way to deploy to 50+ teacher's laptops remotly. The main issue is these aren't on a domain.

    Ideally we would love some kind of package manager that ran on startup and grabbed a list of stuff to be installed and just got on with it.

    At present we have a slightly hacky script I wrote that reads a .txt file on the server and then runs a autoIT script if the version number has changed, but this really isn't ideal... Any thoughts, suggestions or helpful bits of software appreciated...


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    Re: Remote install - no domain

    Could you not use something called filepush?

    We use it to push VNC onto machines that need support...

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    Re: Remote install - no domain

    I use WPKG with AutoIt and simple batch files to deploy software to non-domain computers.

    The clients need a simple script installing that runs on logon and then it will automatically run programs for you - it checks for updates and different computers can get different packages.

    As with everything, there a learning curve and then it pays you back eventually



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