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Windows Thread, Printer nightmare! in Technical; Hi, We're having a nightmare with printers freezing word and smart notebook. The setup is as follows; We have a ...
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    Printer nightmare!


    We're having a nightmare with printers freezing word and smart notebook. The setup is as follows;

    We have a 3 printers, 2 Brother lasers and a konica minolta c280.
    We have 2 user's, staff and student.
    Staff user get's all 3 printers.
    Student user only get's the 2 brother lasers.

    Randomly when staff logon and open Word or Smart Notebook 10 it just freezes. I know Word looks for a default printer when starting so thought this could be a printer issue. I tried to open up Devices and Printers and it just hung.
    Student users are fine which would suggest it's something to do with the konica minolta printer.

    This happens to staff users on both Windows XP and Windows 7. I've made sure the bluetooth service on Windows 7 is running. I'm also using the latest drivers from Konica Minolta (PCL

    I've been trying to get this sorted for weeks now, but it's proving very difficult as it only happen's randomly.

    Please please tell me someone has come across this before and has a magic fix! failing that, any idea's on where else to look!


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    Have you tried removing the konica minolta printer for the staff user, just to see if the issue goes away? If it does, then you know it deffo must be that printer causing the issue. Also might be worth trying to set another printer as the default printer, to see if that helps?


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