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Windows Thread, Toolwiz Timefreeze Software - Deepfreeze type free software in Technical; Hey all. Just thought I'd post this out here for anyone who's looking for this type of software! Toolwiz Time ...
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    Toolwiz Timefreeze Software - Deepfreeze type free software

    Hey all.

    Just thought I'd post this out here for anyone who's looking for this type of software!

    Toolwiz Time Freeze | Toolwiz Software

    I've seen deepfreeze software in action in the past, and quite liked it, but it was too expensive for us to purchase at school... So, have always had to just put it with re-imaging machines etc...

    Now, I've found a free solution to Deep Freeze, which seems to be working really well in tests I've tried with it. One little bug that I've found with it, is that if you have it set to start freeze on startup, then disable freeze to discard changes, you cannot disable start up. You have to accept all changes, then disable startup...

    But, apart from that, working great for a free solution...

    Has anyone else tried it? Anything to be wary of etc?


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    I'm having a go at using it right now. The only thing I've had issues with is that I need to image the machine and it's increased the image file from 10GB to 92GB once it is active. Must be the partition it creates in the background but it's a bit extreme.


    Just removed it and reinstalled on the laptop as if it was a fresh install and then imaged the machine again (TrueImage) and the file is now a regular size. Not sure why the huge file was created before but nevermind.

    With this niggle gone it makes this software the perfect alternative to Deep Freeze indeed
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    Hey I know I'm replying late. I tried it but it does not work as conveniently as Deep Freeze. Plus its time consuming and needs someone to actually do the task where as Deep Freeze is completely automatic. I think investing in Deep Freeze would be more economical than other workarounds or even involving a person to do the manual tasks. Even we were low on budget but their educational pricing is quite economical and the support they offer is completely free of cost. Good product and good technical support.

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