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Windows Thread, Quicktime Alternative halted in Technical; noticed this today on here: http://codecguide.com/ QTA Monday - June 4 Download links to QuickTime Alternative have been removed at ...
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    Quicktime Alternative halted

    noticed this today on here:

    Monday - June 4

    Download links to QuickTime Alternative have been removed at kind request of Apple. Even though this site does not host any downloads, we have have decided to just remove all links, even indirect ones, and get on with life. QT is a slow and sometimes also buggy piece of software anyway.

    The K-Lite Codec Pack is fully capable of playing .mov files. In fact, HD trailers will play with much better performance with the open-source decoders that are included in KLCP than with QuickTime Player.

    However, playing QuickTime content inside your webbrowser requires QuickTime to be installed. We will soon provide a detailed guide describing how you should install and configure QuickTime for the best user experience with the least annoyances.

    Those who seek QTA can find it on dozens of other websites. There also exist several other packs containing QT components, just to name a few: QTLite, Vista C.P., ACE M.C.P., Storm C., MUSK C.P., Satsuki QT module, and even a binary C.P. addon for MPlayer.

    Aware there's some contentious legal issues around this but worth posting in case anyone was using this as a way of playing Quicktime content.

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    Re: Quicktime Alternative halted

    The thing is, if apple didn't make it so crap then people would actually use the official version. :x

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    Re: Quicktime Alternative halted

    TBF its not as bad as RealPlayer

    I actually dont mind installing Quicktime too much here whereas I flat out ban RealPlayer from ever being installed

    But yes they could do with making it less bloated and easier to deploy

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    Re: Quicktime Alternative halted

    RealAlternative is a good... alternative!

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    Re: Quicktime Alternative halted

    Quicktime is nasty, it steals associations of mp3 files in internet explorer and bloats out the system with the system tray icon. We use real alternative these days and it works great.

    Used to have a registry entry that removed the quicktime tray program but its tedious to say the least.

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