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Windows Thread, Server Roles in Technical; For Exchange you may want to further seperate the roles depending on how critical email is to you and if ...
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    For Exchange you may want to further seperate the roles depending on how critical email is to you and if you want HA/DR.

    It also depends if you want Load-Balance.
    If you do, then I recommend creating a DAG for mbx roles and co-host the hub&cas and use WNLB or a HLB. If using a HLB then you can co-exist all 3 in one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glennda View Post
    Personally I would

    2 x- domain services server (DNS, FSMO, RADIUS) - No DHCP Supposedly this is a risk and not advised on a DC. Personally I use a linux box (could then run on apache server)
    2 x - user server (profiles, home areas. shares) - Split this up. I currently have 5 file servers so the load is evenly balanced. Although its excessive I have 900 desktops which are used widely. I tend to evenly spilt years in half so that when an entire year has IT/using a computer room you don't have a slow down.
    - SIMS
    - Exchange - how many mailboxes? I have around 1000 per server (12.5Gb ram 4 CPU's)
    - AntiVirus + Printers + network services - Possibly Add DHCP with Spilt Zone
    - IIS Web server - Possibly Add DHCP with Split Zone
    - Apache Web server

    EDIT: I would go with Dedicated Print Servers - they can be a pain sometimes so I always keep them separate.
    We will have about 1500 mailboxes.
    That is what I was thinking about with the home areas. Is there a benefit from splitting them or do you end up just having everything spread out which makes managing harder? I'm tempted as well to have the shared areas and public drives to be their own server so that can be monitored better.

    How do you split a year? Do you just manually divide them up when importing them using a script?

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