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Windows Thread, Extract GAL to import into other AD in Technical; Hi All Hoping someone could assist me with a question I have with my Exchange Global Address list. We use ...
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    Extract GAL to import into other AD

    Hi All

    Hoping someone could assist me with a question I have with my Exchange Global Address list.

    We use Active Directory on Windows server 2003 R2.

    I have been asked to extract some of the details of our users with emails (they are exchange users) which we can the export and send them to our HQ who can import them into their Active Directory.

    The sites are not connected via active directory, there are no trusts or AD integration between the 2. We have only site to site VPN. We dont share the same Exchange environment either.

    I understand I could use CSVDE and LDFDE to do extraction from our AD and HQ could use these same tools to import into their environment? Would this work..

    The point of this is so some of their staff can email a bunch of back office staff at this location. Rather than someone manually typing the details in we felt it be better if we could just do an extraction which they can import into their AD. Is this possible?

    Any advice would be very helpful. I am currently using our test environment to test these changes. We have an uptodate DC in this environment as well.


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    Already posted on technet for you.

  3. Thanks to sukh from:

    ranj (1st March 2012)

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