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Windows Thread, Windows XP Home ISO in Technical; Had somebody at work ask me to fix their PC, it needs Windows re-installing, they have no discs, but it ...
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    Windows XP Home ISO

    Had somebody at work ask me to fix their PC, it needs Windows re-installing, they have no discs, but it has a Windows XP Home OEM Key on the side (sticker).

    Obviously our media will not work, and Microsoft do not have the Home XP for download in the Volume Licensing centre.

    How do i get hold of XP Home OEM? Obviously nothing illegal as she has a licence, and its the licence you buy not the media....... had a look on torrents and they all seem to be pre activated versions which i do not want i want to use her legitamate key.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quackers View Post
    they all seem to be pre-activated versions
    The filename and checksum for the genuine unmodified XP Home OEM ISO is as follows...

    SHA-1: 7f395b9ec84cffcc43c855bf89ab91ef3bfad612
    Size: 564 MB (592,150,528 bytes)
    As long as the checksum matches whatever you download, you can be 100% sure it isn't a dodgy version.
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    just use a pre activated one then change the key using jellybean or something of that ilk?

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