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Windows Thread, Resize multiple videos at once in Technical; I haven't seen it mentioned here yet so I'll toss out what I use! I'm a huge fan of KoyoteSoft ...
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    I haven't seen it mentioned here yet so I'll toss out what I use! I'm a huge fan of KoyoteSoft's Free HD Converter, and Free Video Converter. Their software is 100% free!

    I use Free HD Converter for transcoding those AVCHD files that come in .MTS and .M2TS formats off of modern HD consumer cameras that use a highly compressed HD codec for storing the video. Free HD Converter easily makes these something that almost any video editing platform can use. This is how I batch convert all my consumer HD footage and the digital media lab at the high school uses this so they can import their footage into Premiere Pro.

    I use Free Video Converter for everything else, and this is probably the one you'll want. If you import the videos that you want to convert and then click on one of the videos in the list, it will even tell you the resolution, audio bitrate, frame rate, and a few other useful pieces of info about the source up in the top right so you can correctly match the destination format options below and just change the format.

    Hope that helps!
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