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Windows Thread, Office Clip art Problem in Technical; We have just installed office 2003 onto our machines (XP Pro) on our network, and have found that when you ...
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    Office Clip art Problem

    We have just installed office 2003 onto our machines (XP Pro) on our network, and have found that when you insert picture from clipart the computer stops responding for a few minutes. the computers have high spec.

    Installed office by copying the whole Cd to a shared folder and installed it on all the machines.

    i think that clipart is trying to gain access to the internet. However we are using a proxy server to gain access to the internet.

    Any ideas on how to speed up clipart.

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    Re: Office Clip art Problem

    Clipart on 2003 does access the internet by default - however installing the media disk from Office XP makes things a lot quicker as 2003 access that too!

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    Re: Office Clip art Problem

    I found that multiple users (in our suite for example) searching for clipart simultaneously caused systems to stop for long enough that I was called in to fix a "stuck computer".

    I have disabled the online clipart search within Word and instead pupils go to the Microsoft Office clipart website. The latest version allows cut/paste of clipart directly onto the page. This also means that the clipart organizer is not getting filled up with clipart that never gets used again.

    Be aware that you may need the latest activex falsh player (v9) as we started getting IE crashes when trying to view clipart.

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    Re: Office Clip art Problem

    Hi cadjs, i have exactly the same issue and have been searching for a way to cache the clipart within cachepilot. this looks for to complicated, even if it can be done. i much prefer the 'disable internet access' solution. how can i do this centrally without having to log onto each individual user and configuring each Office program?

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    Re: Office Clip art Problem

    Quote Originally Posted by cadjs
    I have disabled the online clipart search within Word.
    How did you do this?

    We have the same problem. Every time a teacher says they are going to use clip art with a whole class, it's a nightmare. I looked to see if there was a way to change this through profile (we have mandatory) or GP but have so far drawn a blank. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place...

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    Re: Office Clip art Problem

    I found this problem is fixed by installing Office 2003 service pack 2.

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