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Windows Thread, deploying adobe air applications in Technical; anyone know a way to do this ive been asked to instally jellycam which is an air application ive got ...
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    deploying adobe air applications

    anyone know a way to do this ive been asked to instally jellycam which is an air application ive got a .air file which runs ok but asks questions and cant seem to find any silent options for it. Any ideas as iu dont fancy manually installing it on everything. Adobe's site says it can be done but neglects to tell you how

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    I have been meaning to getting around to looking at this [our MFL Department uses Triptico 3.0]

    I have found this PDF:

    Link: ADOBE® AIR® Administrator’s Guide

    However it seems a little dated as on page 4 of this PDF it states:

    ...Adobe AIR currently does not support GPO or MSI for Adobe AIR or application installation....
    However I have deployed Adobe Air Version 2.6 using Active Directory/Group Policy?

    Enterprise deployment

    IT administrators can install Adobe AIR and AIR applications silently using standard desktop deployment tools. IT administrators can deploy the following:
    •Silently install Adobe AIR using tools such as Microsoft SMS, IBM Tivoli, or any deployment tool that allows silent installations that use a bootstrapper
    •Silently install the AIR application using the same tools used to deploy the runtime
    IT admins are able to control the following as part of deployment:
    •Suppress the display of the Adobe AIR end-user license agreement
    Only IT administrators can suppress the Adobe AIR end-user license agreement display and only after accepting the terms and conditions on the organization's behalf.
    •Specify the application installation location
    •Specify whether the application's program menu or shortcut appears on end-users desktop
    Organizations need to obtain redistribution agreement from Adobe. For more information, see:
    •Adobe® AIR™ Runtime Distribution
    •Adobe® AIR™ Runtime Distribution FAQ
    IT administrators in conjunction with the AIR configuration parameter can further tune the runtime.
    However I have located this web page:

    Link: Adobe AIR

    This states:

    You can now handle the deployment of popular AIR applications like TweetDeck or Twhirl by applying for a license to distribute Adobe AIR Runtime. If you do so you will get an e-mail with information, documentation and several links to e.g.:

    - the Adobe AIR installer file
    - Adobe AIR documentation
    - the Adobe AIR IT Administration Guide
    - the Adobe AIR for IT Administrators site

    I therefore highly recommend you apply for a license. Strangely enough it's not allowed to share the links, while the the main page is unrestricted and open for anonymous users. The 'Adobe AIR Runtime Redistribution Instructions' document gives you more information about a utility called the 'Adobe AIR Application Installer', Adobe AIR Application Installer.exe, which can be found in 'c:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe AIR\Versions\1.0\'.

    This utility can be used to install the actual 'Adobe AIR' applications which have the extension .air. If you download TweetDeck e.g. you end up with a single file called 'TweetDeck_0_26.air'. By using 'Adobe AIR Application Installer.exe' and some switches mentioned in this documentation you're able to silent install the Adobe AIR application itself.
    I have the Air redistribution licence but I haven't been able to investigate further as yet.

    Maybe you will be able to make more progress?


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    v3.1.0.4880 is the latest non-beta version of Adobe AIR.

    You can extract the MSI from the EXE using 7-zip, but I've never tried to deploy it. According to AppDeploy it should work fine, but you will need to make a few changes.

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    Another way is to use Sccm 2007.
    I have successfully deploy a package which includes, adobe air and adobe help folder application (.air) silent by sccm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ubu78 View Post
    Another way is to use Sccm 2007.
    I have successfully deploy a package which includes, adobe air and adobe help folder application (.air) silent by sccm.
    I am attempting to deploy "Triptico" through SCCM and would be very interested in the method you used.

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