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Windows Thread, ldaps and linux woes in Technical; Hi sorry didnt know where to stick this we had a nice little website setup in linux which allowed security ...
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    ldaps and linux woes

    sorry didnt know where to stick this
    we had a nice little website setup in linux which allowed security staff to reset student passwords,
    linux connected over ldaps on port 636 and worked great until we upgraded our domain to 2003 and DC's to server 2003,
    now for some reason linux wont connect, either the DC wont allow it or linux no longer trusts the DC,

    I have reinstalled Certificate services and ran it to update the certs
    I have run LDE.exe from a windows box and all works fine but not from the linux machine,

    to cut a long story do i need to add the domain certificate into linux and if so how?

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    Re: ldaps and linux woes

    Did you setup your ad in windows 2000-2003 mode?

    I'm not entirely sure as i don't completely understand what you're saying but my understanding is that Samba relies upon windows hosts emulation NT4 behaviour.


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    Re: ldaps and linux woes

    its not using samba , basically its a php script which binds via a username/password to LDAPS:// dc_name:636
    AD is now 2003 as is the main DC os, domain still contains a 2000 DC, which DID allow the connection until i updated certificate services now it refuses to allow the bind
    our linux expert left hence the trouble, :cry:

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