Good afternoon all, on my visit to one of the schools I support today. I found that none of the computers would not connect to the internet. The school has a small peer to peer network so none of these settings are applied by group policy. When I checked the settings the automaticaly detect settings box had been unchecked and use proxy server had been checked, so as you will know internet explorer was looking for a proxy that was'nt there (nothing entered in to the fields for a proxy server). Once I'd changed things back I spoke to the HT and asked if anyone had been in to change anything from the LEA but no. when I rebooted several machines the settings were as the should be after resetting them and connecting fine so I've ruled that out, however Policy central client would not start and was showing a error box on screen. This is installed by the LEA and I have not had a chance to speak to anyone from there re this problem but I have a feeling that there has been some sort of update to this that has screwed things up. Has anyone come accross this before with computers running policy centeral or no for that matter. A thoughts or Ideas would be great.
Many thanks,