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Windows Thread, LMMS - Linux MultiMedia Studio in Technical; Does anyone use this in a Windows environment? Our head of music has just been to our office and said ...
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    LMMS - Linux MultiMedia Studio

    Does anyone use this in a Windows environment? Our head of music has just been to our office and said this software meets our needs and they'd like it to be installed. My question is, can it be installed over a network?


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    I can only give you some partial advice, but something's better than nothing so here goes.

    I use it under Linux, and like it a lot.

    It works surprisingly well under Windows; it's quick and easy to get a something musical in a very short time.

    LMMS is aware of drives and network places, so I;m guessing that you can map user areas over the network. It also has a built-in browserey type of thing to drag and drop samples, loops and clips to your tracks. I'm also guessing that this is network aware so you could have a central repository of loops and clips.

    One thing to watch for - it installs Babylon, which is some kind of browser plug-in. It seems like an ad-supported plugin, so you might want to strip this out of any packages you make.

    A bit vague I know, but it's free and I think it's very good. I use it under Linux to sketch out song structures. For getting a song structure up and running quickly, it's unbeatable, even if you only use it as a sketchbook.
    It has a built-in sample player, sound-font player and synth plugin so it's pretty well spec'd. Under Linux, it's also Jack aware so I can sync it to an audio recorder like Ardour for live audio. I can then export the individual LMMS tracks (dry) to waves or Oggs then import into Ardour for mixing. If you don't need any live recording (vocals, guitar, whatever) you can do everything in LMMS.
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