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Windows Thread, selling on windows licence in Technical; We are upgrading 75 machines with new motherboards and processors - as they came with oem windows xp licences we ...
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    selling on windows licence

    We are upgrading 75 machines with new motherboards and processors - as they came with oem windows xp licences we have had to buy new basic windows 7 licences even though we have schools agreement to allow upgrade to latest version of windows 7.
    If I sell the old motherboards, processors and memory on ebay for the schoool - can I also sell on the XP licence as part of the bundle since it came with this hardware?
    Any advice appreciated.

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    The clue here is OEM. These licenses are not transferable onto new hardware (Transfer of OEM Licenses), so Yes, they can be sold with the hardware. However, quite who defines how much of the original hardware make up the system that they go with may be open to interpretation, but the link above does state that it is "The entire PC". So, maybe the question should be 'what items constitute an entire PC?' Where would you draw the line: mouse, keyboard, display, case, power supply, hard disk drives, floppy disk drive, memory, processor, motherboard, power lead, etc., etc...

    And don't forget to include the manuals, disks, etc. One issue may be (should be) that the COA license sticker is meant to be stuck to the case, probably implying that Microsoft beleive the case is a part of the entire PC.

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    As previously mentioned, you can sell the hardware but not the software. OEM software is sold with the system, so if you decide to sell the motherboard, processor and/or memory, the license becomes void.

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