Hi there,

We currently have our workstations accessing the internet by using the Smartcache box as a proxy. The Smartcache doesnít do any filtering as this is done via the RM upstream proxy. Why it was setup this way I havenít a clue!

Anyway, we have an issue where my predecessor issued out the upstream proxy address/port to 6th form students to use on their own personal laptops when the school had Smartcache issues but what Iíd like to do is force them back through the Smartcache.

I thought that by changing the default gateway on the access points so that the point to the Smartcache box should solve this. Of course the students in question will have to change their proxy settings but that doesnít matter. Or create a DNS record to point the upstream proxy url to the Smartcache box.

Our wireless is an unmanaged setup of x30 AP so canít do anything too fancy!

Has anyone else done this? Are these even acceptable solutions?

Please let me know your thoughts.