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Windows Thread, Youtube player controls fail in Technical; There seems to be a problem that's just turned up in the last couple of days causing a problem with ...
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    Youtube player controls fail

    There seems to be a problem that's just turned up in the last couple of days causing a problem with you tube playback.

    When playing a video and the pause button is pressed the video and audio continue and from this point, pressing play does nothing either.

    not all playback is affected as it sometimes works as expected or it will work as expected then the problem will come up during a video your watching but most of the time I notice the problem at the start.

    so far I've had positive reports of the problem on 3 machines in the staff room because I've simply not tested the other 5 but I'm confident the problem isnt isolated to the actual machines but I could be wrong

    As a result of this problem I noticed something strange when I right clicked a video and pressed settings. this windows appear to be constantly scrolling/changing into each different page of the settings windows.

    The browser we use in the staffroom is firefox 7.0.1 and flash Ver
    if it help diagnose the problem we have a cachepilot Squid based proxy and

    the strange thng now is I cant recreate the problem right now and I'm having success watching videos where as before today It was driving me crazy



    Edit forgot to mention the pc's in question are win 7 32bit
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