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Windows Thread, Printer seems to be cached! in Technical; Morning Fellow Edugeekers! We have a strange problem here, we deleted an old printer a while ago. Now the past ...
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    Printer seems to be cached!

    Morning Fellow Edugeekers!

    We have a strange problem here, we deleted an old printer a while ago. Now the past few days this printer is getting mapped all around the college as the default printer?

    Any ideas? Ive had a look in group policy to double check it is not getting a different script or policy to map it from there! checked the print server, 100% deleted.

    Print server 2003
    Domain controllers 2008
    Print server running PCounter


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    I think there are still printer references left in the user profiles. check this to start off.


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    Definitely check in the profiles, we've had problems with this in the past. Also, how do you deploy your printers? We once did it via a script using the "rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /ga /n\\server\printer" method which installs the printer to the machine and WON'T BUGGER OFF!!! Unless you run the same script with a /gd instead of /ga

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