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Windows Thread, Very high CPU load when running antivirus in Technical; Looking for advice, I have 4x RM CC3 servers and the AntiVirus (RM VP4) is placing a very high load ...
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    Very high CPU load when running antivirus

    Looking for advice, I have 4x RM CC3 servers and the AntiVirus (RM VP4) is placing a very high load on the CPU 24/7 the server is of a reasonable spec

    4Gb RAM
    Ultra 320 SCSi
    Xeon E5410 Quad Core x2
    The cores are between 85% and 100% load all the time . Does anyone have any idea is this normal. some estimated CPU usage for other systems would be useful.
    CPU.pnghere is a print screen of the cpu usage
    Thanks in advance
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    why not have another no server/server dealing with your antivirus needs. Havent used RM antivirus products but anything which is scaning in realtime is going to give you a reasonable load on the CPU. Is it just scanning the home dir's on the server or the clients as well by monitoring them.

    A nightly scan of user folders etc will trap most stuff lurking in home dir's, usb memory sticks are another matter but if an area is infected we have rolled out AV to specific area's and sorted the problem.

    have you contacted RM?

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    We have set out AV to run on all new write operations and to do a nightly full scan of everything - it keeps the AV CPU usage low to around 3% on our file server.
    I would imagine you have it setup to do a scan on all reads as well - if you have romaing profiles/large number of users that is just going to hammer your drives and CPU when people are logging in.

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    Check your free space on c: drive.
    There is a known issue with low space and RMVP hogging the CPU.
    If you are under 1GB of free space, free some up, reboot and check.

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    You could move the page file to free some more space too.

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