Hi guys,

Just thought i would share this solution i have worked out about permission issues loading up programs from the CS5.5 Suite

If you like me have had trouble getting Adobe programs to load on your network this is a good idea to try.

  1. First of all make a new copy of the profile Adobe doesn't work under (for example the students profile), and make it a Roaming profile rather than a mandatory profile
  2. When this copy is made assign it to a new login in Active Directory
  3. Log in to the new user with the copy of the profile assigned
  4. Open each Adobe application in turn and close them again
  5. Log off the user and go back to the profiles folder
  6. Copy the Adobe folder from "application data" from the new roaming profile and paste it into the "application data" folder of the mandatory profile that is having the issues
  7. When it has copied try logging onto the Madatory profile and hopefully the Adobe programs should now load normally

I hope this makes sense to people, as i am not fantastic as writting down instructions like this
If this does not solve any problems i apologise but this is the method i have just used to fix Adobe CS5.5 on my network