After updating our images over the summer and creating my usual default profile and sysprepping with /generalize the way I always have, I've noticed that some of the machines on our network [haven't tested all of our images/system types] are showing errors when viewing certain flash parts of website.

The systems are Windows XP SP3 with IE8 fully updated. I first heard the issue from a user who was trying to load the website Brainpop and launch the science section. For whatever reason, the users report being unable to view the middle section of the website with all of the options. The website appears to be mostly in flash, and instead, they see a big box in the middle with a broken image symbol. But flash is definitely installed on those systems and is up to date as of this past summer with flash 10.3 [I believe that's the latest]. To test, I went to YouTube on the exact same computer, and YouTube launched no problem. So it seems to be only select flash items.

Any advice from anyone here? Anyone ran into this issue before? I'm trying to avoid re-installing flash on every system and rebuilding the default profile on every system if possible. I know it's not a problem with the Brainpop website because I can access it find on my machine.