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Microsoft Tech Days, Online Conference is going to be in October 2011 and open for registration for anyone whom is interested.

Free Tech.Days Online Conferences for developers gives you access to hand-picked video content and technology training from the UK team, and the chance to get involved online, listen to speakers and ask the panel questions - live.

• Windows Azure Online Conference
Tuesday 4 October 3-5pm
If you are just getting started with cloud computing with Windows Azure, this is the perfect starting point for you. This online conference will help you get over any initial stumbling blocks, so you can quickly be productive in this new environment.
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• Windows Phone Online Conference
Wednesday 5 October 3-5pm
We'll help you familiarise yourself with different aspects of designing for Windows Phone, including the philosophy behind Metro and Application design. You don't need any experience of Windows Phone development, you just need an interest in developing phone apps.
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• Internet Explorer Online Conference
Thursday 6 October 3-5pm
In this conference we'll discuss the difference between a website and a web application. You'll also learn about HTML5 features that allow applications to do more than is currently possible with just AJAX and HTML 4. In-depth web development experience isn't necessary you just need to be keen to build your knowledge of the different aspects of IE9.
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If you have any questions about any of the Tech.Days Online Conferences you can email Microsoft Tech.Days Team at