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Windows Thread, RD1000 Eject via cmd in Technical; Hey guys, So I'm writing a script to backup our Hyper-V VMs and so far it's all working well, the ...
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    RD1000 Eject via cmd

    Hey guys,

    So I'm writing a script to backup our Hyper-V VMs and so far it's all working well, the only problem now is I can't get the RD1000 drive to eject on completion... I can do it under Server 2k3r2 with rsm.exe (apparently) but of course this doesn't exist under Server 2k8r2. I've tried eject programs etc around the web and none of them will eject it, the only way is via the button on the front or Computer > Right clicking the drive > Eject, which isn't particularly friendly. Does anyone have any ideas? Preferably I need to be able to eject it from a bat file.

    This wouldn't normally be a problem, but I need a non-techie member of staff to be able to swap drives over without logging in

    Many thanks

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    This is definitely possible via a Batch file i used to have one that did this but managed to lose the bloody thing! A quick Google shows no sign of it so would also be interested in locating it again.

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    Have a look at Drive Tools for Windows - he's got an ejectmedia which has an x64 version, worth a go.

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