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Windows Thread, Automatically create Exchange 2007 user in Technical; Is there a way to automatically create Exchange 2007 users using some sort of script? As we have multiple databases ...
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    Automatically create Exchange 2007 user

    Is there a way to automatically create Exchange 2007 users using some sort of script?

    As we have multiple databases within Exchange the way I see it working is the script checks the OU and creates the email address in the correct OU, applying all the correct settings to their account such as recipient limits etc.

    Is this possible to do and if so, anyone got examples?

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    1. You can create a script to create mailboxes, but to have a script do what you want to, i.e if a new user is created in an OU, and you want that script to automatically check that OU for new users and then provision the mailbox, will take some effort writing.
    2. Most Env I have seen this in use 3rd party products, which can be costly.

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    An article i wrote a while ago..


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