At some point in the nost-too-distant future we're going to start migrating our file shares off the old servers and onto new VMs. At the same point it seems to make sense to migrate from using single shares to a DFS structure so we can split the files over a few VMs but keep a simple naming structure.

For anyone who's using DFS already with 2008 a few qu's...

- when creating the root did you create it on one of your main file servers and use the local share for some of the folders?
- how many of your shares are links vs just being created under the root share?
- for linked shared folders am I right in thinking you just set share \ security permissions as you would normally and DFS just provides the link to the more friendly path?
- did you use 2008 mode with access-based enumeration, if so anything to watch out for? I read that you can't use 2003 servers at that point, which I assume means no 2003 DCs and no 2003-based file servers hosting folders that might be linked via DFS?

Have read a few docs on this so generally makes sense, as always interested to see how it's working for you in a live environment